Jana Nicole Conway

Portrait of artist Jana Nicole Conway by Antoinette Haselhorst
Photo: Antoinette Haselhorst

The bright yellows, pinks and blues trick you when you look at Jana Nicole’s work, purely for the reason that they resonate an instantaneous feeling of being happy.  Until you look closer, in this illusion lies the complex, because the beautiful is in all its variety.  The femme fatale almost invisible inside the tiger or the temptress lurking within the zebra, she explores the power of womanhood within the gentle realms of innocence.  Don’t be fooled by the birds of paradise the colourful butterflies and flowers.  Jana Nicole tours the role of femininity, the narrative is powerful, and tender, for as well as being a warrior, it is about surviving and nurturing.  As a lioness hunts for her kill with all the ruthless stealth she can muster, she returns to feed and lovingly nurture her young.  Jana Nicole explores the conversation of war, survival, grief and family in her unique mixed media artworks.  I read a quote recently that said, ’To Live is Art.’ 

Collage artwork
Animal Attraction Georgie by Jana Nicole Conway
Collage artwork by Jana Nicole Conway
Animal Attraction Nakoda by Jana Nicole Conway

Originally from Chicago, then moving to Ohio, Palm Springs in California, then a boarding school in Arizona, riding her horse in the Verde Valley amongst the Indian burial grounds and red rocks of the American country.  The quintessential rebel American hippy cowgirl.  Her work reflects the heartstrings of her home country with the international spirit of the modern woman.  Jana Nicole is familiar with a world of being raised by her mother after her parents parted, spending holidays with her father, where she was sent to art collage with 18 year old students whilst she was 12, to keep her busy.  The women in my family were very creative women she explains.  Having a close relationship with her mother who ran a business as an interior designer, she says; “Who was there to guide not lecture”.  Jana Nicole’s time in boarding school was geared to what you wanted to do, classes in art and ceramics .  Continue reading “Jana Nicole Conway”