Artist Jon Wright
Jonathan Wright
Instillation artist
Richard Wilson
Film by Richard Wilson about a boxer
Portrait photograph artist CAKE
Kimberley Gundle
Artwork painting contemporary artist
Mixed Media and ceramic artist
Marie Antoinette Cakes dog corsett
Elspeth Gliksten
tiger glass India tobacco mirror
Mixed Media artist
Photography art artist banker guru
Nayan Kisnadwala
Painting Artwork Nayan Kisnadwala
photography director producer cake
Miriam Lucia
Theatre producer director sam Shepard
Artist painter cake photo
Ignacio Lalanne
painting Goddess India
Artist installation art
Serena Korda
Installation Art, Contemporary Artist
Performance artist
Photography artist cake portrait
Jo Pethybridge
Ceramics Art Artwork cake
Ceramic artist
photo artist cake portrait
Mark Charlton
Artwork painting art cake
Mixed media Artist
photo portrait artist cake
Artwork Sculpture toys cake
Sculptor, mixed media Artist
portrait photography cake
Ed Burnand
photography artwork cake
Mixed media Artist
Photography portrait artist cake
Tom Elkins
Photography artwork artist cake
Fine Art Photographer
photography portrait artist cake
Mahaut Harley Leca
Artwork collage nude cake
Collage artist
portrait artist cake
Anabelle Del Valle
Artwork collage plexiglass cake
Collage artist
artist portrait photography
Walera Martynchik
sculpture art
Sculptor, painter and mixed media artist
artist portrait cake and tea
Michelle Loa Kum Cheung
gold leaf pyrography mixed media
Pyrography artist
Photography portrait artist artworks
Giacamo Bevanati
portrait photography cake
Hugh Fleetwood
painting artwork cake
photography portrait artist
Teresa Wells
Sculpture Bonze artwork
portrait photography cake
Olivier Leger
artwork illustration art
Fine Art Illustrator
portrait photo cake
David Millidge
ceramic sculpture artwork
Ceramic sculptor
photo portrait artist
Emily Kirby
painting artwork polar bear
Portrait of artist Jana Nicole Conway by Antoinette Haselhorst
Jana Nicole Conway
Collage artwork
Collage and mixed media artist
Tim Christie portrait in CAKE
Tim Christie
Artwork by Tim Christie
Computer artist
Portrait of artist mark Sloper with his work in CAKE
Mark Sloper
Artwork by Mark Sloper in CAKE
Neon and mixed media artist
portrait of artist Paul Robinson
Paul Robinson (LAUP)
Pink Bear art by Paul Robinson
Painter, Mixed Media artist
portrait of artist Simon McCheung featured in CAKE
Simon McCheung
artwork by Simon McCheung featured in CAKE
Fine Art Photographer and special effects
Portrait of artist Androulla Thoekle
Androulla Theokle
artwork by Androulla Theokle
portrait of artists Anne Lacheiner-Kuhn in CAKE
Anne Lacheiner-Kuhn
collage Anne Lacheiner-Kuhn in CAKE
Collage art artist
Photography by Antoinette Haselhorst
Sara Pope
Neon lips artwork by Sara Pope
Painter, neon, mixed media artist
Corinne Chauvet featured in CAKE
Corinne Chauvet
Sculpture by Corinne Chauvet
Artist Peter Moolan Feroze
Peter Moolan Feroze
Artwork Peter Moolan Feroze
Illustration, Ipad art, mixed media artist
Artist Nic Gotch
Nic Gotch
artwork by Nic Gotch
Fine Art Photographer
Artist Adam Robinson
Adam Robinson
Collage artist
Artist Masayoshi Nojo
Masayoshi Nojo 
JD Malat Gallery
Mixed Media artist
portrait of artist Nikoleta Sekulovic
Nikoleta Sekulovic
TOSCA artwork by Nikoleta Sekulovic
artist Luc Lapraye
Luc Lapraye
artwork by Luc Lapraye
Installation artist
portrait of artist Simon Casson
Simon Casson
Artwork by Simon Casson
Lupercalia, Ilia II by Simon Casson